Tuesday, March 30, 2010

random blog!

Hi blogspot! It's been a long while and I have just been lazy. bad me. but I'm here now! and this blog is basically a random collective blog about stuff that I have gotten in the past few weeks and that I feel they deserve a good shoutout!

Aldo tan handbag
a super duper cute bag. It's not too big, not too small, just right. The color is beautiful and is great for spring! It has little compartments on each side on the inside and drawstrings on both side. I just love it!

Juicy Couture grey wallet
a very "chic" wallet. It has hot pink lining with crowns on them. a zipper compartment for coins and plenty of card slots. I actually got this at the Juicy outlet, so if there's one near you, be sure to check it out!

Tom's shoes in Ash
I'm sure most of you guys already know/have one of these babies. But I must say they are awesome! Not only are they comfortable but so versatile. I want to collect them! They have great cushion on the bottom. If you're looking for something a little outside the box (vans, chucks) check these out. Also, every pair you buy Toms will give away one away to children that are less fortunate. Two thumbs up!

I also bought four OPIs and will show them later, however I am wearing one of them and I wanted to show this one because it is from the Hong Kong collection.

OPI Panda-monium Pink

This picture is with flash. Although it's called pink and looks pink in the picture, to me it is more on the lavender side. If you compare it with a pink you can see the purple undertone. It's almost barbie-like and very opaque. I'm not sure if it is my bottle or if it's all the bottles, but this color was a little thick and a bit hard to work with. The picture is not a close up for a reason! =) Overall though, I love this color.

and last for today, I bought this because well, I needed something to hold my long necklaces!
I'm not sure how great this picture is. I tried to snap these before I ran out of batteries and was not able to get a good close up. It's actually a decretive piece. It has a nice wood backboard with a chandelier and candle holder design and a big hook on the bottom. I bought these at a craft store. So if you need to find a good jewelry holder, try a craft store! You'll be surprise at what you can find.

Alrighty gals, that's all I have for now. Please feel free to comment. I really love reading everyone's opinion. Thank you so much.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Makeup

Hi all! I'm back from vacation. I know I said will put up a new post before I leave, but it was just too hectic. I did take a picture of everything I brought with me though. (beauty wise)
I did not bring a lot because well, its Spring break! It's time for fun in the sun and not so much dolling up; ALL the time at least =).

Eye/Lip products

1. (top left) is my NARS savage cream shadow. I love love love it! it's a creamy brown/gold color that you're able to just wear alone and be done. Or you can use it as a base and put a brown color on top to "pop" the powder shadow. It gives you a dewy look and is perfect for spring beachy days.
2. (left) that is my MUFE anniversary aqua liner kit. It comes in 5 mini liner and I adore every single color. I'm not going to go through the specific color/number unless you guys want me to but in short there is a black, silver/grey, dark purple, bright blue, and champagne. It's very useful when you don't want to look too made up for the beach or just a lazy day. I like to just add the black liner and then line the top with purple and smear it a tad or just go with blue liner underneath.
3. Next to the liner is a mascara. Now this is a special mascara by NovaLash. The reason why I was using this because i got extensions! The BEST tool for vacation.
4. After the mascara is the bobbi brown brow pencil. I love it. I normally hate brow pencil and find it too sharp. But this pencil is amazing. with a light hand and little flicks it can look like your natural brows.
5. Anastasia brow Matte highlighter. I like to use this because I think it's an easy alternative to using a highlighter shadow. Also, I like to use it for the corners of my eyes and waterline. It's not shimmering therefore it's very versatile.
6. Rohto eyedrops. The best eyedrops ever! It burns, but the sensation is so refreshing.
7. Onto the lips (the black top) is Mac's lip conditioner in fushia fix. It has SPF and also a good alternative to lipgloss. It's texture is more of a balm, but shinier and a little funner than a balm. It has a nice color depending on which one you get. I normally put this over a matte lipstick. (I hate the feeling of lip glosses)
8. below that is my actual lip balm. By rosebud perfume co. in strawberry. My favorite!
9. The last two lipstick. one is by TheBalm - classified. its a very nude shiny lipstick. It doesn't last that long but I just like it because you don't need lipgloss and it doesn't wash you out. the other lipstick is Mac's creamcup. Need I say more?

Face Products

1. Chanel's poudre universelle libre in 2. Still my favorite loose powder. It's extremely fine and it takes FOREVER to finish it. I'm not a big powder person, but since we were heading to the beach I thought it was be nice to not look shiny and to help hold my foundation.
2. That tiny little bottle contains Shesheido's sun protection foundation. It was actually a sample I got because they ran out of my color. Great foundation for outdoors! 42 SPF and after application, it almost feels like a powder. Non sticky and it does not budge! coverage is great. But I think it might be a little dry for people with dry skin. Since it does dry up quick.
3. Next is the BB cream. I'm not sure how many of you guys have heard this before but it is like a tinted moisturizer. The consistency is a lot thicker and almost cream-like. It covers really well but it does fade fast. I don't like to wear foundations all the time and having a nice "tinted moisturizer" on hand is always good.
4. MUFE full cover concealer. an awesome on the go concealer. A little goes a long way and the cover is great. the only bad side on me it seems to fade a little quick. I've seen other reviews and it seems to work just fine on others. It might just be my skin Overall though, I really do love this concealer.
5. Up top is NARS bronzer in laguna. I used to Love this bronzer. still like it a lot, but i'm not sure why i don't love it anymore? Maybe I'm darker now but something about it just doesn't seem like it is "the one" If anyone has a great suggestion on bronzer please tell me!!
6. Mac's cream blush in lillicent. I already had a post about this below! feel free to read it =)
7. Last but not least, a cream blush by Napoleon. It's a very old blush and I'm not sure where I placed it, but it basically acts like benetint except a little thicker. I brought this with me because again, staying outdoor it's nice to have long lasting makeup. Touching up your makeup outdoor is just so uncool! to me at least.

Okay guys, well that's all the makeup I brought! Sorry for the long post but I thought some of you guys might find this post helpful since it's march and again most of the products I brought with me is very outdoor friendly and long lasting. Any questions please feel free to comment! Thank you so much! <3

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring break - continued!

Hi all! i hope you guys had a great weekend! So I know I've been talking about SB on my last post and continuing in this post, but you will see about two more posts relating to the vacation break this week! (you can tell how excited and ready I am for this break). Boyfriend and I went shopping yesterday and I decided to buy a few beauty products for the trip.

First is the Tarte's multiplEYE mascara. It's the "step 3" in their new lash enhancing regimen kit. I did not purchase step 1 or step 2 just because I wanted to see how the mascara worked first and I'm not sure if it's necessary. Well here are the results:

Picture 1: the package
Picture 2: before mascara
Picture 3: after mascara

As you can see, it's great!! I love it! It's not as volumizing as I hoped for, but it does the job. The length is amazing. Also, I know this is horrible but I tend curl my lashes after putting on mascara. It's like breaking the law, I KNOW! but I can't help it. With this mascara however it does not flake, clump, anything. It coats very evenly and flares out. overall, I was very impressed with this mascara. I was on the lookout for a waterproof mascara, but this one caught my eye and I just had to try it out. And I'm glad I did.

The other product I purchased was MUFE aqua eye liner in black. I have purchase this before with the 35 year anniversary eyeliner kit. Since then I have used this everyday. It is the greatest eyeliner every made in the history of makeup! Everything smears on me (except liquid of course), even cream, gel, shadow etc. Even though liquid doesn't smudge, I always like the look of pencils or gels more. I like soft, undefined line. Before the aqua eyes I used MUFE and coastal scents gel liner and just stuck with the yucky aftermath! But after this liner, I will never go back! After working out, naps, it still stays in place. It does fade after a while, but what liner doesn't? So if you are on a lookout for a great pencil liner, please try this and tell me what you think!

Alright makeup geeks, this is all the reviews I have to today, but I am really excited to tell you all about what I am bringing to SB and hopefully will help you find some stuff you are interested in in bringing along with your vacation! Any good waterproof makeup you might suggest please comment me. Thank you for reading and happy sunday =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello bloggers! Spring break is approaching and well i'm getting way too exciting and am already deciding on what to bring. (which btw I will do a blog about what i'm bringing next week!). So looking at my pile of makeup thinking I should bring minimum; because when you're in the sun it's not going to matter what you look like, I found a great way to use my blush as a lipstick!

What I used was MAC's lilicent (blushcream). I outlined my lips with an ultra nude liner and dap on some blush with my fingers. It creates a perfect nude color. Then I added some lipgloss to it! That's one less nude lipstick that I can leave home.
First picture - with lipliner only
Second picture - with lipliner and lilicent.

If you want a little more oomph, just add lipgloss!

This was just a little update on something I found for those who love nude lips and this is an awesome way for us girls to *try* to not carry an entire luggage with us on vacation!

Please tell me what you think! Thank you and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Skincare routine!

Hello follow bloggers! So i have been using new skincare products lately and heres a review for you all.

first of all, my skin is dry and because of this crazy winter weather, it's been dry and flaky. Yuck! so anyhow, i still have been using my normal facewash ( which is way to dry for me right now) but i don't want to buy a new one until i've used this up. I really want to try the shea terra black african soap face wash that bellamakeup/sardun1 (lurrve her) have been talking about! but more on that later.

So, my first new bought product is the kiehl's creme d'elegance repairateur.
it's a great moisterizer! it looks very thick initially, but when you apply it, it almost feels watery and then thickens up as it sets on your face. This is only good for those with really dry skin. For oily skin I do not recommend it, because it might have a slight oily factor for those with oily skin. However, i'm really liking it for my skin. i wake up with non-flaky plumped skin! i've only been using it for about 3 days, but my skin is no longer flaky and i think with the continuation of using this, it can get rid of my dull biscuity skin!

Next is the milk, honey, almond scrub- again, by Kiehl's.

I was really impressed with this scrub. At first it looks like any other reg ol' scrub, and the smell is not very pleasant. (a semi medicine-like scent) but you get over it. It's not so strong to wear you actually smell it on your face. well as i said before my skin has gotten really rough and flaky due to horrible winter weather! but after using this, my skin was really smooooth. Though it was still dry, the texture improved so much with just one application! It didn't dry out my skin (which was surprising) but it didn't improve the moister either. But boy did the texture feel so much better after usage!

I will try to put up some pictures of the actual products so you can get a better look at the texture.

Are there any moisterizer you guys recommend for really dry skin ?
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

no camera, no posts

Hello everyone! I am sad to say that I have not been keeping up with my new blog. I have soo much update for you guys, however my camera is currently broken :( therefore, no posts.. However, I do have a little update for you guys. I got in my kiehl's mini haul, OPI haul, and random stuff. But for this post I'm shining the spotlight on one lipstick!

Nouba - #273

Okay, so here is a little swatch. This picture was taken from my laptop so it's not that true to color but you get an idea. Nouba is a brand from Italy and is not very well known. I have tried a couple of their products and was not all that impressed, however this lipstick is great! it's so soft and smooth. It's a cream matte lipstick. It's packed with color and has a light fragrance. The color is dark bubble gum and is a perfect match with any gloss. So for you girls that wants to try color but is too afraid, this is perfect. It's not too dark, but just enough to give you a good edgy kick!

I believe this is the conclusion. I will try to really put on more posts and get my camera fixed and give you all a lowdown on the new skincare products! Thank you for reading!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

what's in the bag?

Hello guys! I decided to write a blog dedicated to what I carry in my makeup bag on a daily basis. Normally I wouldn't carry this much, but because I am not a morning person I have to carry a little more. ( I normally get ready at work).

Also, I am going to put this into two parts, because I think one blog is just going to be wayyy long for you to read!

Okay so first of all,

I have ridiculously dry skin so moisturizer is an absolute must!
Recently I did some research and decided that I am going to pu
rchase a new cream (Keihl's. Update later on). But for now I am currently using

Chanel Hydramax + Active

it's light and fluffy. It works well... for a little while. Throughout the day my skin starts to get dry. Therefore that is why I am going to try something new! And of course, the price is ridiculous. It goes up just about every year. (Oh, I do have a small container for my purse. In case you're wondering if a carry that hunk of cream with me everywhere)

Foundation: NARS sheer glow

My color is Punjab. I lurvee this foundation! I'm sure you guys all heard the rave about this from makeup gurus like Lollipop26 therefore, no need for me to really talk about it. But great medium coverage foundation.
side note: I don't always use foundation..but when I do NARS ftw!

Eye Primer: Benefit creaseless shadow

There are numerous primer out there, this just so happens to be the one I like. Of course, other than the UD primer potion, this Benefit one is great! It's creamy but not cakey and comes in various colors, so if you want to intensify your eyeshadow color and keep it long lasting, this is the product. It has a velvety feel to it and almost melts once you blend it to your lids.

Chapstick: Rosebud Salve

I have three and I personally like the strawberry smell the most! I know a lot of you guys thinks this cost wayyyy too much for a chapstick ($7.00) but it's so worth it. The size is huge and it works awesome! I had horrible chapped dry lips, almost to the point where it could've bled - it was a super duper cold day! So I decided to try it, since it's been around for so long and it is one of the most well known chapstick. It actually cured my chapped lips in just one day!

Okay guys, I think that's going to be it for the everyday use.. the rest is mainly eye makeup which varies, and blush, etc. which will be on the next post! Please feel free to comment on any questions or suggestions. Thank you for reading!