Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring break - continued!

Hi all! i hope you guys had a great weekend! So I know I've been talking about SB on my last post and continuing in this post, but you will see about two more posts relating to the vacation break this week! (you can tell how excited and ready I am for this break). Boyfriend and I went shopping yesterday and I decided to buy a few beauty products for the trip.

First is the Tarte's multiplEYE mascara. It's the "step 3" in their new lash enhancing regimen kit. I did not purchase step 1 or step 2 just because I wanted to see how the mascara worked first and I'm not sure if it's necessary. Well here are the results:

Picture 1: the package
Picture 2: before mascara
Picture 3: after mascara

As you can see, it's great!! I love it! It's not as volumizing as I hoped for, but it does the job. The length is amazing. Also, I know this is horrible but I tend curl my lashes after putting on mascara. It's like breaking the law, I KNOW! but I can't help it. With this mascara however it does not flake, clump, anything. It coats very evenly and flares out. overall, I was very impressed with this mascara. I was on the lookout for a waterproof mascara, but this one caught my eye and I just had to try it out. And I'm glad I did.

The other product I purchased was MUFE aqua eye liner in black. I have purchase this before with the 35 year anniversary eyeliner kit. Since then I have used this everyday. It is the greatest eyeliner every made in the history of makeup! Everything smears on me (except liquid of course), even cream, gel, shadow etc. Even though liquid doesn't smudge, I always like the look of pencils or gels more. I like soft, undefined line. Before the aqua eyes I used MUFE and coastal scents gel liner and just stuck with the yucky aftermath! But after this liner, I will never go back! After working out, naps, it still stays in place. It does fade after a while, but what liner doesn't? So if you are on a lookout for a great pencil liner, please try this and tell me what you think!

Alright makeup geeks, this is all the reviews I have to today, but I am really excited to tell you all about what I am bringing to SB and hopefully will help you find some stuff you are interested in in bringing along with your vacation! Any good waterproof makeup you might suggest please comment me. Thank you for reading and happy sunday =)

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