Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello bloggers! Spring break is approaching and well i'm getting way too exciting and am already deciding on what to bring. (which btw I will do a blog about what i'm bringing next week!). So looking at my pile of makeup thinking I should bring minimum; because when you're in the sun it's not going to matter what you look like, I found a great way to use my blush as a lipstick!

What I used was MAC's lilicent (blushcream). I outlined my lips with an ultra nude liner and dap on some blush with my fingers. It creates a perfect nude color. Then I added some lipgloss to it! That's one less nude lipstick that I can leave home.
First picture - with lipliner only
Second picture - with lipliner and lilicent.

If you want a little more oomph, just add lipgloss!

This was just a little update on something I found for those who love nude lips and this is an awesome way for us girls to *try* to not carry an entire luggage with us on vacation!

Please tell me what you think! Thank you and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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    Thank you for your sweet comment, it means a lot. I am always looking for good sites with make up product reviews, and you seem to be quite knowledgeable :) keep posting XOXO

  2. Great Start....I'm glad you like my blog!! I'm subbing hope to see some great posts from u :D

  3. hi, i´m like this blog very musch :) different and has a good flow.