Monday, February 22, 2010

New Skincare routine!

Hello follow bloggers! So i have been using new skincare products lately and heres a review for you all.

first of all, my skin is dry and because of this crazy winter weather, it's been dry and flaky. Yuck! so anyhow, i still have been using my normal facewash ( which is way to dry for me right now) but i don't want to buy a new one until i've used this up. I really want to try the shea terra black african soap face wash that bellamakeup/sardun1 (lurrve her) have been talking about! but more on that later.

So, my first new bought product is the kiehl's creme d'elegance repairateur.
it's a great moisterizer! it looks very thick initially, but when you apply it, it almost feels watery and then thickens up as it sets on your face. This is only good for those with really dry skin. For oily skin I do not recommend it, because it might have a slight oily factor for those with oily skin. However, i'm really liking it for my skin. i wake up with non-flaky plumped skin! i've only been using it for about 3 days, but my skin is no longer flaky and i think with the continuation of using this, it can get rid of my dull biscuity skin!

Next is the milk, honey, almond scrub- again, by Kiehl's.

I was really impressed with this scrub. At first it looks like any other reg ol' scrub, and the smell is not very pleasant. (a semi medicine-like scent) but you get over it. It's not so strong to wear you actually smell it on your face. well as i said before my skin has gotten really rough and flaky due to horrible winter weather! but after using this, my skin was really smooooth. Though it was still dry, the texture improved so much with just one application! It didn't dry out my skin (which was surprising) but it didn't improve the moister either. But boy did the texture feel so much better after usage!

I will try to put up some pictures of the actual products so you can get a better look at the texture.

Are there any moisterizer you guys recommend for really dry skin ?
Thanks for reading!

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