Saturday, February 20, 2010

no camera, no posts

Hello everyone! I am sad to say that I have not been keeping up with my new blog. I have soo much update for you guys, however my camera is currently broken :( therefore, no posts.. However, I do have a little update for you guys. I got in my kiehl's mini haul, OPI haul, and random stuff. But for this post I'm shining the spotlight on one lipstick!

Nouba - #273

Okay, so here is a little swatch. This picture was taken from my laptop so it's not that true to color but you get an idea. Nouba is a brand from Italy and is not very well known. I have tried a couple of their products and was not all that impressed, however this lipstick is great! it's so soft and smooth. It's a cream matte lipstick. It's packed with color and has a light fragrance. The color is dark bubble gum and is a perfect match with any gloss. So for you girls that wants to try color but is too afraid, this is perfect. It's not too dark, but just enough to give you a good edgy kick!

I believe this is the conclusion. I will try to really put on more posts and get my camera fixed and give you all a lowdown on the new skincare products! Thank you for reading!

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